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In Greece, you are standing at crossroads of cultures, colours and civilisations, you feel the grandeur of history and the warmth of being at the southernmost part of Europe, you discover the evolutionary process of thought, influence and experience.

A country with a uniquely affluent historical past, inhabited by people gazing confidently and optimistically into the future.

A country that although statistically small, is huge in its diversity.

A landscape that has given us thousands of postcard images but remains incredibly vibrant and impossible to capture.

Greece is a country of beautiful contradictions, a constant journey in time, from the present to the past and back again.

Walk through the olive groves, through ancient sites. Move to clusters of sparsely inhabited islands. Roam from beaches to rocky mountains and explore the breathtaking scenery.

In Greece the fusion of images becomes more than imagery and turns into reality.

Explore your senses in Greece.

Culture HeritageCulture Heritage
Take part on an amazing journey that travels you through 2.5 million years of history, covering any field of interest, from the Paleolithic era to the Bronze Age, Classical Greece and Roman Times. Unique itineraries reveal the best parts of each era, giving you the chance to discover the genuineness of each period. Follow the timeline and ascertain the crucial events that led to the transition between one era to another, revaluing Greece’s treasures.
Greece has always been an amazing mixture of religious culture. From the introduction of Christianity by Saint Paul, and the golden era of the Byzantine Empire to the active Jewish community, relive this land’s history through it’s different religions.
Wine Roads  Wine Roads
Once the drink of the Olympian Gods, Greek wine is almost as old as Greece itself. From the festivities of Dionysos, god of wine, to the symbolic use of red wine in the Greek Orthodox Church, wine has always been a part of native’s every day life for centuries. Exceptional scrumptious paths travels you around Greece, giving you the chance to reveal history through the tasting of this divine drink
Medical Spa   Medical Spa
Nowadays when we say spa we mean relaxation, indulgence and an escape from our day to day worries. Its origin however has a much deeper meaning and value: THERAPY. In Greece the nature itself has provided the elements required and Medical Spa won worldwide recognition. Specialized itineraries including various therapeutically methods, such as thermal springs, salt treatment, mud baths and many more, offering healing effects to a various medical conditions… and let this be an overall wellbeing experience in Greece.
As golfing grows in popularity worldwide, more and more travellers are seeking out the links on their vacations. In Greece, golfing is not yet so popular as a sport than elsewhere, but new courses are built to allow the visitor to explore a different kind of "Classic" in Greece.
We have compiled a list of bicycle tours in Greece. If you are interested in any of these bicycle tours or cycling vacations, please contact the operator directly with any questions for ordering free brochures or booking.
We have compiled a list of mountain and rock climbing vacations in Greece. If you are interested in any of these vacation packages, please contact the operator directly with any questions for ordering free brochures or booking.

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