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Organised tours in Greece

You can believe us when we say that no matter how wonderful you have imagined Greece to be, the reality will far exceed your dreams. Chronicled by a galaxy of Olympian gods, Greece has a history counted in millennia. A virtual museum of Mediterranean civilization, this lyrical land of philosophers, scientists, lovers, legends and warriors welcomes travelers with an intricate mosaic of unique culture and beautiful heritage.

Geographically, architecturally and culturally, glimpses of the past, often transcending thousands of years, are never far from view, yet upon the ancient canvas that is Greece a thoroughly modern present is painted. In Greece the past impinges upon every present. Fabled cities with streets once trod by Aristotle and Socrates; medieval castles looming from early morning mists, islands lying resplendent in sparkling blue waters trimmed by miles of golden beaches, white washed villages, blue and white church domes bathed by the first rays of the sun, fairy tale harbors with cobbled piazzas…this is why they all come to Greece.

They come for the delectable Mediterranean cuisine and the robust wines, the spirited music and the open hearted people whose zest for life echoes the traditions which are the very soul of Greece.

7 Days/6 Nights in Greece. Athens with 4 day (3 night) Classical Tour.
7 Days/6 Nights in Greece (Northern Greece, Athens and Corinth)
10 Days/9 Nights in Greece (Athens, Northern Greece and 3 Day Cruise)
Visit: Athens, Ancient Corinth, Philippi, Veria, Patmos, in Greece and Smyrna, Ephesus, Pergamon, Thyatria, Sardis, Philadelphi, Laodicea in Turkey
Byzantine Greece” is an educational trip presented by our agency’s Sacred Art tours. We plan to see the monuments and museums of Thessaloniki, Kastoria, Arta, Mystras and Athens, along with the monasteries of Hosios Lukas and Meteora. We also plan to visit modern churches and icon workshops that are producing contemporary Orthodox art by using traditional styles and techniques. This trip will be interesting and beneficial to any iconophile and in general to anyone interested in Eastern Orthodoxy, Byzantine history and Christian Sacred Art.

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